Welcome to TICA – The Institute of Compassionate Awareness









TICA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We have been serving the greater Santa Barbara community for over two years.

Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to support positive human development and help those in need.

We do not require that you belong to any particular religious affiliation or financially support us in any way; although you may and your help is appreciated. We do ask that you return one good deed with another and perform acts of kindness. This way, compassion and goodwill continue indefinitely.

We have positively affected the lives of hundreds of students and school children with our 8 weeks long Introduction to Mindfulness MeditationĀ Program.

We are always discovering new opportunities to be of benefit.
You too will find that through benefiting others, you find happiness and strength.

Our doors are always open.
Please join us in creating a more kind and aware humanity.

Call (805) 680-3988 for details.

TICA – The Institute of Compassionate Awareness
1187 Coast Village Rd, Suite 342
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
(805) 680-3988Ā