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TICA partners with local schools and the University of California Santa Barbara.

In addition to offering our ongoing programs we currently collect data to study the benefits of meditation on the cognitive development, social adjustment, emotional intelligence, self esteem development and academic performance in school children. Preliminary findings show great promise and we will keep you posted.

If you want to learn more about our study, or you and your school are interested in participating, please contact us.

TICA – The Institute of Compassionate Awareness has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful young people. Here are some of their testimonials:

  • Thank you for coming to our class and broadening our horizons. You helped me connect with how my mind works, and I learned some new tips for relaxing. At first I had difficulty letting go of all that was going on around me, but the second meditation I was really relaxed, and that was only after 30 minutes of you guiding me.

    Riley, Student
  • Before your class I felt unaware. I now try harder to stay in the moment. I realized that sometimes you do best by not cluttering your brain with tasks. Working with you has benefitted me in a way that I am more relaxed. I especially enjoyed your humor, kindness and ability. To others I would say: Really pay attention because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    Nick, Age 11
  • This mindfulness program provided me with the opportunity to learn about my behavior and stress habits by focusing on myself a little bit every day. By taking the time to breathe and take a break, I was able to focus more without getting overwhelmed.

    Celyne D., Student
  • This mindfulness experience has deeply affected my way of thinking. I have been very relaxed after mindfulness practice and calm. I would greatly recommend this to a friend or family member if they were having stressful moments in their life or are very tense. Overall this was a good experience and I will use this in my life. It was very beneficial.

    Audrey B., Student
  • Overall, I enjoyed the experience of practicing mindfulness, I think it’s a very useful tool to have a healthy practice to do daily to be more focused and relaxed. You can use your mindfulness practice anytime and it will help with many aspects of daily life.

    McKensey N., Student
  • I tried a new idea these past few weeks, that idea was mindfulness. I really enjoyed taking these classes because I learned a very important skill. Mindfulness has helped me be able to focus myself better. I will use mindfulness in my everyday life as much as I can.

    Nina G., Student
  • Mindfulness is a way to kind of improve your life and view on the world. For me, it has definitely helped me stress less about the future. I used to really freak out about tests and stuff, but I don’t as much now. I feel a lot more relaxed and confident about things. I’m really glad I have done this because it has definitely helped me in school.

    Nalasha L., Student
  • The mindfulness training really helped me getting more relaxed and being more mindful. I am happy to now know how to practice mindfulness, as it is a good way to sleep better and be more relaxed during the day.

    Valerie T. , Student
  • This course was really interesting and fun. I learned a lot of new stuff like practicing mindfulness and doing mindfulness exercises. This course really helped me at times and I really recommend it to anyone because of how great it is to have a way to relax and be in a serene place.

    Shadia, Student
  • I found the experience highly relaxing, interesting and helpful. I now have a new outlook on life and can apply what I’ve learned here daily. Dawa has been a great instructor.

    Emma C., Student

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